2017 – making myself accountable for my choices

Happy New Year everyone.  Normally I dont go for new year resolutions as I have always thought its just another day, but this year I have realised that it is a perfect opportunity for new beginnings.  The first day of the first month of the new year, how could I not see before that this was an auspicious day!!

I began with making a vision board so I could see my plans for the year every morning.  Again I wondered what all the fuss about vision boards was about, but now I see that it lays all my desires for the year out in front of me, it reminded me of crating a business plan however this one is for my life.  I can now look at it and stay focused on where I am going as I am one to change my mind regularly!!

I also decided that I was making myself accountable for my food and exercise choices as well as deciding that I would not let this auto immune disease determine my day to day living.  I am keeping a diary that lists what I have eaten for the day, what exercise I have done, what supplements I have taken and my general feeling for the day.  Of course being the second day of a detox I am feeling a bit tired and headachy but that will pass in a few days and I will feel amazing by the end of the week.

Over the years I have always decided that I was doing this, eating healthy and exercising regularly, but I always drop off the path and spiral down into feeling crappy and eating crappy.  By creating a vision board and making myself accountable daily with my diary, I intend that this will keep me on track.  I currently weigh 67.4kg and am a size 12 in clothing.  Although I dont need to lose too much weight, I do not to tone and strengthen my muscles.  I have done this before, I weighed 64kg and ran regularly, and I felt amazing so I know what it does feel like to be fit!!  Anyway these are my health goals for the year.  I am making myself accountable for my choices 🙂


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