Gluten free blueberry pancakes 

Last night I decided I wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning 👍. Of course they had to be gluten, sugar and dairy free. So I threw in some ingredients and came up with these. 

Gluten free flour

Flaxseed meal

Chia seeds

Baking powder 

One egg

Coconut milk

Maple syrup 


(If I had bananas I would have add them too)

I don’t measure my ingredients, I just chuck them in and add more liquid if necessary. I start with the flour and add enough for the amount of serves I am preparing, and I only ever pan cook with coconut oil. 

I served them with maple syrup and they were tasty and fulfilling 😁 If I had coconut yoghurt I would have tried that too. You could top it with anything that suited you ❤️


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