Earlier this year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I had never heard of it but when the therapist was asking me if I suffered from various symptoms, fatigue, sensitivity to noise, light and cold, lack of focus, brain fog, sore muscles etc.  I couldn’t believe that finally someone knew what was going on.  Previously I would just think how lazy I was that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning or that I was so tired in the afternoons even though I had been in bed for 10 hours the night before.  Finally I knew why my muscles were sorer than they should be considering I hadn’t done anything overly strenuous.  I realised that I had these symptoms for many years but they had become increasingly more pronounced recently.

Since my diagnosis I have done a lot of reading and mostly discovered that you have to learn to live with it as there is no cure and many medications do not help. I am not prepared to live with this forever and just suck it up!!  So I have decided to be proactive about it.  I have tried a few different natural remedies from my naturopath, and of course the one that helped me the most was discontinued 😦  Since then I have tried others and have found a couple that help with my brain fog and focus but am still struggling with severe muscle pain and body fatigue.

After more research I discovered the theory that our bodies pain receptors are sending over the top signals to our brains disturbing the natural production of neurotransmitters.  This is why I believe the remedies I am taking, N- acetyl-cystein and a herbal mix for brain health, are helping with my brain fog.  Now I understand that the pain does not particularly come from the muscles, I can work on figuring out a way to assist the pain receptors and neurotransmitters to function properly.

Thinking about this I have started detoxing using several methods – dry brushing (improves circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins), epsom salt baths (releases toxins and body absorbs magnesium which is helpful for muscles pain and sleep), herbal teas containing immune and adaptogenic herbs and food elimination (wheat, sugar and alcohol) to help cleanse the boys elimination systems.  I have read effects of wheat and sugar regarding brain function, and am now testing this theory out for myself.  Having said that, what works for me may not work for someone else as we are all individuals and our bodies all function differently.

For the first couple of days I had the dreaded detox headaches but if I had to rate the muscle pain, which was close to 10 before I started, I would say it is now about a 5. So whether this is to do with the detox or just the general cycle of fibro, only time will tell 🙂

By sharing this I hope that it can help someone who has fibro, or any other auto immune disease, as I don’t believe we have to suffer unconditionally for the rest of our lives.  What sort of life is it where we cannot make any plans, or have to cancel plans because we are not sure how we might feel on the day?  To me that is not a life I wish to live and it is now my focus to develop a plan that allows me to live a normal pain free, fatigue free life where I can talk with people without fumbling and forgetting my words 🙂  I will keep you updated xx


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