Oracle of the Dragonfae

Oracle of the Dragonfae are a new deck of guidance cards that I recently purchased.  I have been offering cheap readings as I learn to use them.  The images on these cards are beautiful and are done by different artists which means that they are all so different.

I have a few decks of cards, and would love to buy heaps more, however my goal is to work with these amazing cards as they have been so accurate for people.

Guidance cards are just that, they are used to help guide you  on your journey.  They do not tell you your future as your future is guided by you and the choices that you make, they do however help you to make those choices.  I often find that they confirm what you already know and just give you a little nudge in that direction.  Ultimately though whatever happens is determined from the choices that you make.

If you feel like you would like a reading, just message me.  At the moment I am offering readings for $20.  You will receive an email of the reading including a copy of the beautiful cards I have selected for you 🙂  All I need from you is your email address and a photo of your beautiful self….

Pellinor and the Lady

Pellinor and the Lady – the card of love and lovers and a bittersweet farewell 💕💜


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