Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Massage Therapy

As I have been completing exams and assignments, I have not had time to write!!  Now I find myself starting a new semester with the above subjects and I feel that my life of peace that I am searching for, is still a fair way off!!

However I am moving into some pretty interesting information in these subjects, and the kids love that I am learning massage!!  I will share some of this info with you as I go through the lessons.  For example I have been doing some reading on herbs for the female reproductive system, so much helpful information in just that subject to share with everyone!!  I have bought a macro lens for my iPhone and have been trying to take pics of the families eyes for iridology, unfortunately they are over it now so I need new subjects!!  The eye is amazingly informative and can help guide us to understand and nurture our bodies.

Whilst studying I try to spend an afternoon a week cooking for the family so that there is food for the kids to eat whilst I am busy.  Otherwise they are constantly nagging me and moaning they are hungry and there is no food……..which translated means “I’m to lazy to cook anything and there’s nothing I can just grab and eat.” !!

I am a pescatarian so I do eat some seafood, however my family are meat eaters so I do cook meat dishes for them.  They are still happy to eat the food I cook for myself as well so most nights I only have to cook one dish 🙂

Below are a list of some of my quick and easy go to meals for myself after I have cooked an elaborate meat dish for the family 🙂

  • Spicy baked beans
  • Sweet potato, chickpea and coconut curry
  • Cauliflower, chilli and coconut soup
  • Gluten free pasta with whatever in the fridge (tomatoes, leek, garlic, basil, homemade pesto)

I will eventually share these recipes in the recipes page.






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