Busy days – nutritious lunches

As I am studying, working and home schooling, as well as general cooking, cleaning and gardening!! I am pretty pushed for time.  So when I eat I try to eat something nutritious. Below are some of my quick and easy lunch ideas:



Pan fried haloumi, leek, capsicum and an egg.  The bean mix was leftover from tea the night before and had chick peas, five bean mix, onion, garlic,cumin, turmeric and cherry tomatoes.  Takes about ten minutes to prepare and can be eaten whilst listening to online lectures 🙂

I love this not just because it is quick and easy, but it is gluten free and on top of all the vitamins being consumed, leek is also a prebiotic so its beneficial for our gut health.



This is similar to the above meal, but with gluten free grain bread.  If I had spinach leaves these would have been a nice addition, as would mushrooms or anything else you happen to have in the fridge at the time.  The short cooking time means that the veggies keep their nutritional value.




Roasted sweet potato, bean mix, cheese and sour cream.  This one needs the sweet potato to be pre-prepared the night before and reheated for 10 minutes in the oven.  The rest is all just plopped on top 🙂  I don’t like to eat much cheese so I opted for a little sprinkle and I always use full fat dairy because low fat is full of unnatural ingredients.





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