Tasty smoothie breakfast

I have had such a busy week and an emotionally and physically draining weekend 😦  So when it came to breakfast on Monday I didn’t really feel up to eating.  I have been suffering from belly bloat after breakfast for a few weeks and the thought of this on top of my already depleted body, was not where I wanted to be.

Usually I have puffed rice with pepitas, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, banana, cranberries and almond milk, (Sometimes I buy hemp seeds to add as they are full of goodness) or I have ancient grains porridge with the above seeds, maple syrup and either raspberries and banana or date and cinnamon, but as I felt crappy, I needed something easy to digest that was full of healthy nutrients.

So I came up with this:


Banana, avocado, cacao, Raw greens powder, coconut yoghurt and coconut milk topped with chia seeds and raspberries.

The result was creamy and delicious.  The Raw greens powder is made by Amazonia and is also a pre-biotic, another boost for my gut.  Best of all my belly didn’t bloat and I felt full and satisfied afterwards 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.56.48 am

Amazonia Raw Greens


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