Kombucha bottling

Four bottles ready for second ferment and two jars starting on their first ferment.

As promised, here is the rest of the kombucha process

Once the bottle have cooled down, they are ready to fill.  You need to make sure you stir the kombucha so the yeasts on the bottom are mixed through as these are what gives the finished blend its fizz.

I pour mine into a little jug and then pour into the bottles.  Mine were filled to the neck of the bottle to allow for fizz; my brew nearly filled four bottles.  I then put a chunk of ginger and some lemon juice in each one for flavour, this is my favourite flavour blend so far 🙂

You need to make sure you leave 1/2 cup of the kombucha in the original fermenting jar as a starter for the next brew.  I left both scoby’s in mine this time, I usually take them out and keep them in whats called a scoby hotel.  Pour in the tea, I pour a bit at a time, alternating into each jar so I know the sugar is distributed evenly.  And its done!!  Don’t forget to cover it to keep out the bugs 😉

I will open each bottle once a day for the next few days to let out the build up of gas, and after four days I will taste it.  There are differing views on how long to leave it but apparently its all to do with personal taste.  To stop fermentation you can put it in the fridge.  I like to drink mine cold so I put one in the fridge a day, ready to drink cold the next day.


See the beautiful scoby sitting on the top of the brew 🙂

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