I remember drinking and growing my own kombucha in my early 20’s because my Mum said it was good for me.  We grew it in plastic containers in the fridge and it was vulgar!!

Now it is the new “in” thing.  There are books, websites, videos and forums dedicated to brewing kombucha.  I drink it for its health benefits and as it is expensive to buy, I grew my own scoby and brew my own.  (Scoby stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)

Cultures for health have a video and a written description on how to grow your own scoby from scratch and how to keep brewing kombucha.  This is the page I used for my initial brew and it grew a fantastic scoby.


Today I was making a new brew to feed the scoby and tonight I will bottle what has been fermenting for a couple of weeks.  Below are the pics and info.


These are the two jars I have had fermenting for a couple of weeks.  This is the first batch of kombucha from these scoby’s.  I decided to do two smaller jars as I lost a whole large jar of kombucha with my lovely large scoby to fruit flies. They decided to lay their eggs in the scoby.  It was my own fault as I did not have a tight enough cover on the top.  Anyway, we learn from our mistakes 🙂



First I pour boiling water into my bottles.  They need to be bottles that can withstand the pressure build up from the fermentation process, which is why I use recycled kombucha bottles.


Whilst the bottles are sitting for a few minutes, I prepare my ingredients.  Boiling water, green tea bags and sugar.



To make sure my bottles are properly sterilised, I pour the water out and then put them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.


Mix all the ingredients together making sure the sugar is dissolved and then let it sit until it cools, which it is doing right now 🙂

I will post the rest of the process tonight in another post. xx


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